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Team members of The Snug coffee house atherton stood outside the premises
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image shows behind the scenes at the recording of live music at the snug coffee house

About Us

It’s hard not to smile when you walk up the cobbles and see the courtyard tucked away off Market Street in Atherton. 

When you walk through the gates it’s obvious we’re one of a kind, and that’s the way we like it.

Our staff will greet you with a smile as soon as you walk through the doorturn to the right to take a seat and you get to admire the eclectic collection of work created by local artists that we’re proud to display on our walls.  

Then it becomes obvious we’re also massive fans of live music  

What drives us is the future of our community and we want to make locals as passionate about live music as we are! 

Our Mission

To create a unique and unforgettable social hub in our local community, connecting people and inspiring them to learn new skills, whilst enjoying a cup of coffee, homemade cake, and discovering great music. 

Meet The Snug Family

photo of Rachael owner of the snug coffee house atherton

Rachael Flaszczak

Owner & Manager

As the helm of our ship, Rachael ensures that all aspects of the business sail smoothly. A community champion in Atherton, she goes above and beyond, ready to help anyone in need. From managing chaos to creating a wonderful sense of community inside and outside The Snug, Rachael is the heart and soul. 

Favourite Snug Drink

Strong Black Coffee 

photo of Olivia head barista and manager at the snug coffee house atherton

Olivia 'Olibomb' McCaffery

Kitchen Manager

Olivia is the one behind the delicious dishes that grace your plates every day. From classics to inventive specials, she’s the culinary genius of The Snug. 

Favourite Snug Drink

Oat Flat White

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Alisha Haselock

Head Barista / F.O.H Supervisor

Alisha is the welcomer who greets you at the door. With a lively spirit, she’s not just quick with your orders—she might have your regular ready before you even walk up the cobbles. Kind-hearted and very funny, Alisha adds a bit of joy to every interaction. Whether you’re a regular or a newcomer, she’ll make you feel right at home.

Favourite Snug Drink

Strong Cup of Tea

photo of Charlotte barista at the snug coffee house atherton

Charlotte Aspinall


Our dynamo dancer from down under. Charlotte is another that’s always on the go! Pirouetting around the place.   

Favourite Snug Drink


Photo of Ben the sound guy taken at the snug coffee house atherton

Ben Morgan

Event Manager

Behind the scenes all week getting stuff done, then up at the sound desk for the gigs, fresh out of Uni and into the pit. 

Favourite Snug Drink

Vanilla Latte 

Photo of martin the stage manager at the snug coffee house atherton greater manchester

Martin McEntee

Stage Manager

Likes to work alone, you’ll hear his ones and twos at sound check.  

Favourite Snug Drink

Ginger Root Tea 

photo of the snug coffee houses sound engineer carl

Carl Davies

Sound Engineer

Heavy rock motor bike loving Sound Engineer/Music Master, calm & knowledgable master of the sound desk.  

Favourite Snug Drink

Vanilla Latte 

photo of David, the videographer, from the snug coffee house atherton, manchester

David Hunter


Our gadget wizard, and health & safety king, has a cool story about 1979 &  knows his way around a bridge or two.  

Favourite Snug Drink

Oat Flat White - Extra shot

photo of Jason the dj at the snug coffee house atherton, greater manchester

Jason Rushton

Resident DJ

Master of hooks and records! Does not travel lightly and is always on hand to make life that little more pleasant.   

Favourite Snug Drink

Large Cappuccino 

photo of Emilia kitchen porter at the snug coffee house atherton


Kitchen Porter

General assistant to all, our youngest member of the team who is keen to learn more about the music scene while washing the pots.  

Favourite Snug Drink

Caramel Latte

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