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Accessibility Policy

We at The Snug are committed to making our venue as inclusive and accessible as we possibly can to anyone who wishes to attend a Snug event. We have worked with Attitude is Everything specifically to improve Deaf and disabled people’s access to live music by working in partnership with audiences, artists and the music industry 

However, due to the location and size of The Snug, we do have a few issues that people with disabilities may face. We feel that the best way to assist with this is to tell the story of the experience and complications that you may face and what we can do to help. 

The best thing that you can do it to let us know your access requirements before attending a Snug event. This way, we can be sure that we assist you in any way possible. 

Companion Ticket

  • Deaf and disabled customers, who would be unable to attend a gig without assistance, are entitled to a free ticket for their ‘Personal Assistant/Companion’.
  • Once you have purchased a ticket, you should then fill out an Access Requirements Form. 
  • The Access Requirements form will ask you to state if a personal assistant ticket is needed.
  • If you state you require a personal assistant, a Guest ticket will be issued to you. Personal Assistant tickets can be collected on the evening of the gig.

Please note that our staff are not trained to lift or carry people who may need help or to assist with personal or medical needs. We provide a free personal assistant ticket in order that customers with these needs may be able to attend. 

Guide/Assistance Dogs

Guide/assistance dogs are welcome in our venue. We advise customers who require the assistance of a dog, to fill out our access requirements form which can be downloaded above or by contacting our helpdesk team on  01942 875430 or by emailing [email protected]. And with the North West Guide Dog Centre being based in Atherton, we have formed a very close relationship with them over the years.

Use of Stage Effects

Strobe lighting, lighting that produces stroboscopic effects, smoke machines and other theatrical effects may be used during shows in our venues. However, it is rare and will be made clear when information about events is released on to the website. 

Early Entry

We operate an early entry service for our Deaf and disabled customers. We ask you to report to The Snug 10 to 15 minutes prior to the advertised door time and security will ensure that you are fast tracked passed the queue and get first access into the venue. Please contact our helpdesk on 01942 875430 or by emailing [email protected] if you have any queries regarding this service. 

On The Night

Customers who have filled out an access requirements form should report to a member of staff on the night of the gig. Our staff will be able to provide any access information you may need, and will ensure every effort is made to meet your requirements. 

Main Problems Deaf and Disabled Individuals May Face

Cobbled Entrance

The first issue that someone a disabled individual may find challenging when attending a Snug event is the small cobbled street leading up to the gated entrance of the venue. It presents a rough and un-easy surface that may be an issue for people with a mobility impairment. 

What Can We Do?

What The Snug can offer is to roll out a carpeted surface to even out the street, making it more accessible. Entering this way will be easy and will allow for a quick exit in the case of an emergency. 

Once past the cobbled street, the experience for an individual with a mobility issue will be normal. We have a level surface in and outside The Snug and a small ramp leading in to the back of the dance floor. 

Small Floor Space

When you enter The Snug, you will notice that it is very small and the stage is at the same level as the audience. This presents an issue for wheelchair users as there is no space for a raised viewing platform so seeing the stage from a seated position could be an issue. 

What Can We Do?

If you notify a member of staff upon your arrival to The Snug, we can reserve a small space, next to the stage, where viewing the performance from a seated position will not be an issue. We can also provide a member of staff, if you attend the gig without a PA or a PA who also has a mobility impairment, to bring you drinks and anything you may need throughout the night to reduce the amount you will need to move about the venue.