The Snug’s Jubilee Weekend

Saturday was a day to remember at The Snug. From day into night, every minute was filled with laughs, smiling faces and good music. We hope all our Saturdays during these summer months.  During the day, Market Street was alive as thousands of Atherton residents descended on the main road through the town centre for a […]

A Review of The Snug’s gig with Mik Artistik – 28th of May 2022

The word Legend gets thrown about a lot these days. However, on Saturday 28th of May, a Glastonbury legend (in the true sense of the word) came to The Snug. Mik Artistik has performed over 250 sets at the iconic music festival through the years and has become a camp stage staple during that time. […]

Snug Spotlight – Blue Kubricks Interview

We conducted a short interview with our Independent Venue Week 2022 Saturday Headliner Blue Kubricks. Anyone who came to this event will re-call how amazing this band was on that night. Every single individual left with a beaming smile that they’d had on their face since they began playing. Appearing from the bar area and […]

Snug Spotlight – Meme Detroit Interview

We recently conducted an interview with MeMe Detroit before their performance here at The Snug on the 23rd of April, READ BELOW! Who are your biggest musical influences? MeMe: As a whole, myself and the band have quite an eclectic taste. For me, my biggest influences have been classic greats such as the likes of […]

Silent k, DTA review – bringing the Liverpool music scene to Atherton!

As the bands arrived, they walked down the alleyway with caution, excited and intrigued by what was at the end of the cobbles. The bands were greeted by staff and DJ Jason Rushton. During soundcheck the band’s personalities were shown as DJ Jason played ‘Pauvre Jesus-Christ – Henri Salvador’ and the band members recognised the […]