As the bands arrived, they walked down the alleyway with caution, excited and intrigued by what was at the end of the cobbles. The bands were greeted by staff and DJ Jason Rushton. During soundcheck the band’s personalities were shown as DJ Jason played ‘Pauvre Jesus-Christ – Henri Salvador’ and the band members recognised the rare track which connected everyone together immediately, and as the bands took to the stage their bond was shown as they have been touring together.  

The first band to perform was Dancing To Architecture (DTA) which provided us with a fun and engaging experience. Lead singer Joel Goldberg took to the stage in an outfit complete with a cape and mask which made the crowd intrigued and keen for their set to start. The band was very charismatic and the vocal effects used on stage completed the set creating an amazing atmosphere. Our events manager and sound engineer Ben Morgan said, ‘it was one of the most entertaining and thrilling events of the year’.  A favourite from the set had to be ‘Science Can’t Explain Me’. An alternative and quirky song accompanied by psychedelic sound effects which engrossed our crowd. A highlight of this performance came from the amazing percussionist who provided the rhythm and movement of the music using alternative instruments such as the bongos, triangle and cowbells. Seeing him go for it on these unorthodox instruments what a sight to behold. 

As Silent K (named after the silent letter K Knowsley) took to the stage the crowd was excited for the group to be returning after their last performance in September last year. The band once again impressed us with their funky rock and roll vibe. The band blew us away with their thrilling and captivating mood. Drummer, Adam Goldberg, really showed us his skills as he played the part of drummer in both bands and keyboard player, Ciaran Kellgren, added new and exciting sounds to the tracks and was a definite highlight of the set. One of our locals John Makin said that ‘the bands created an intimate atmosphere with an amazing sound’. We were very pleased to hear their new single ‘Doorstep’ the futuristic, funky single really engaged our crowd and got everyone on their feet and moving. People gathered towards the front of the stage and danced as the music went on.  

Both bands impressed us extremely and created a happy and exciting atmosphere for the crowd and the staff who loved the music. Ben Shirley, of Salsa Sound and a lecturer of LIVE sound engineering at Salford Uni, commented “the sound in the venue is absolutely superb! A quality sound and professional setup” We are very interested in booking both bands again to perform in the future as they produced an amazing night for everyone involved so look out for the announcement coming soon. 

Written By Bella Williams 2022

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