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Snug Spotlight – Blue Kubricks Interview

We conducted a short interview with our Independent Venue Week 2022 Saturday Headliner Blue Kubricks.

Anyone who came to this event will re-call how amazing this band was on that night. Every single individual left with a beaming smile that they’d had on their face since they began playing. Appearing from the bar area and climbing on stage, half-dressed and looking totally different from how they did during soundcheck, I think many people were left bemused by what they were about to witness. However, once they started playing, it all began to make sense. Their style, outfits, stage presence, and music all fit perfectly together to create an amazing, funky concoction that was impossible not to dance to. One of the best performances of the week and that is a tall order.

This is what they had to say during the interview prior to their performance…

How and when did the band form?

The band was formed some 5 years ago with myself and my brother Jesse. We generally messed about and drank beer etc for the following 3 years. We then realised that the band wouldn’t go anywhere without some self-directed hard work and impetus. Then came Alex and Jacob and sobriety. The following year we got signed, played our first major festival in Tramlines, had our song on a Spotify Editorial playlist, and selling out shows. So the band was actually formed last year.

Who are your musical influences?

Radiohead, Beatles, Beach Boys, RHCP, System of a Down, Smiths.

How did you cope as a band during the COVID lockdown?

We actually had a fantastic lockdown. We have our own rehearsal space so did not pretty much just spent the entirety of lockdown not working on new tunes and not getting tight. I figured every other band would be at home so thought wed not get ahead of the game which I think we did not.

Do you have any LIVE bloopers you can recall?

My first ever gig when I was 15 years old, was pretty bad. We did a cover of “Plug-in Baby” but the bassist came in a bar late and because I didn’t have him in my monitors, just played the whole song like that. Must have sounded absolutely awful.

The Snug Stage for Independent Music Week 2022

IVW is an important week for grassroots music venues like ours, what do grassroots music venues mean to you guys?

They mean a lot. That’s how you start playing. That’s how you start cutting your teeth in the live game. That’s how many local businesses survive with the custom they bring. As a musician, if grassroots venues didn’t exist music wouldn’t either meaning life would be a shoddy 2D reflection of a black and white frown.

Blue Kubricks loved their time at The Snug, sending this very kind email full of nice words the following day – “Thanks again for Saturday! We were all saying that it was a great gig with great sound but that you all were sooooo lovely and considerate. We often play gigs where the band is seen as nothing and is treated as such so it’s so nice to play a venue where the staff genuinely care. So, thank you so much and wed love to be back!”

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