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All the team members of the snug coffee house and the band The Pagans smiling at the camera behind the counter.
The Snug

The Snug

The Snug’s Jubilee Weekend

Saturday was a day to remember at The Snug. From day into night, every minute was filled with laughs, smiling faces and good music. We hope all our Saturdays during these summer months. 

During the day, Market Street was alive as thousands of Atherton residents descended on the main road through the town centre for a street party celebrating the Queens Platinum Jubilee celebrations. Buntings, Union Jack Flags and stalls from local businesses lined the street as the celebrations, brilliantly organised by Counciller James Watson, got under way at midday. It was so wholesome and heartwarming to see so many people in the town centre coming together to not only celebrate this unprecedented achievement but also to support the local businesses which all had successful days. 

At The Snug, our courtyard was packed all day with people enjoying drinks, Jubilee cocktails, afternoon teas and music from our resident DJ Jason Rushton. We were also blessed with some fantastic, busker style LIVE performances from Keira Davies and Ryan Buxton who filled the courtyard with some stunning vocals. 

As day turned to evening, it was time to prepare for a busy gig. The 2 bands we had down for the evening, Tokeo and The Pagans S.O.H, turned up as the last of the daytime punters were leaving, both excited for the night ahead.  

Tokeo, a 5-piece Alt Punk/Rock Band from Manchester performing at The Snug Coffee House, Atherton
Tokeo performing on stage at The Snug Coffee House, Atherton

Tokeo, a 5-piece Alt Punk/Rock Band from Manchester, were on support duty for the event. Believe me when I say that these lads put everything into their performance. A mixture of Rage Against the Machines and their own unique style, they owned the stage for their 45-minute set as the lead singer kept the audience engaged between songs with witty anecdotes as he brilliantly explained the meaning behind each song they played. Their latest singles “Heinous” and “History” were the standout songs from their set, clearly showing the band’s musical progression. As they finished their final song, the audience screamed for the encore which the band duly obliged. Playing a track from their first EP release, “Gang Wars”, was a perfect way to end an enthralling set.

The Pagans S.O.H taking the stage at The Snug

After a short 15-minute break, we’ll call this the calm before the incoming storm, The Pagans S.O.H took to The Snug stage. The lead singer, Marcus, is one of the more charismatic characters we have seen taking the stage over the years and as he introduced himself and the band, his strong Black Country accent shone through. I don’t think you’d make much money betting where they were from. Throughout the set, their mix of hip-hop and metal with monster riffs and witty lyricism, all laced with that humour the lads are known for, had the audience dancing and headbanging as Marcus and bassist, Nathaniel, made their way into the crowd, handing out a tambourine so the audience could add to the performance. An amazing little trick that added a new layer to the show. Standout songs from the set were “BANANAH” and “The Pagans Are Alive”. After the show, The Pagans stayed behind to chat to all the staff whilst enjoying a coffee before their long drive back to West Brom. A classy touch from the lads. 

The Pagans and The Snug crew enjoying a post gig coffee

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